Life is full of changes…The forever haunting ”What if” Question

Are changes good or bad? Will they make us happier or unhappier? What is if we make the “wrong” decision and mess up our life? What would have happened “if” at that time we would have chosen the “other option” rather than the choice we made?

Whenever my thoughts are regarding this topic I think back to the movie “Sliding Doors”. For the people, who have not watched it my advice would be: Watch it! Over the years I have thought back to the train scene where in the first instance she catches the train and in the second instance she misses the train. Through that it creates a parallel life, which answers the question “What if”.

Per day approximately a person makes more than 200 decisions per day. That is quite a high number, which I didn’t expect. Neither have you probably. So, we make approx. 200 decision per day and freak out about the 1 big decision, which is supposed to change our entire life?

What if the previous 200 decisions we made already changed our life’s? Isn’t it interesting to think about the possibility that we already might have gained an opportunity or missed one by making a decision like:

· Walking back home rather than taking the bus and therefore missing the chance to meet the right woman or man, who would be in the bus
· Taking the responsibility for a project and getting promoted through its positive outcome
· Not attending a dinner invitation with friends and through that avoiding an accident on the way to the restaurant.
· Locking yourself by accident (I hope J) out and meeting the helpful neighbour, who you hadn’t spoken to since you have moved in

The list goes on and on obviously. We can discuss another time if some of the happenings might be fate or a pure coincidence.

So… as big and important some of the decisions look like it does help to think that the previous 200 decisions we made are already leading us on a path. The path we are currently walking on.

So, on this note my dear readers take care of yourselves and may the path you have chosen lead to a journey. which brings you happiness, health and love because without love we are nothing.


4 thoughts on “Life is full of changes…The forever haunting ”What if” Question

  1. Depending on your own person beliefs, for some all journeys ultimately lead to the same destination, that would be ( sorry to sound morbid) death, others believe in reincarnation but that too would come after (apologies again) death. In the end I think that spending too much time thinking ‘if i’d made a different choice’ may be a little pointless and perhaps a waste of energy because at the end of the day, you didn’t make that choice, perhaps if you had made the alternative choice things would have turned out negatively anyway. Some believe that everything happens for a reason, in this case fate would have decided your choice anyway, the moral of the story is, don’t waste too much time thinking on what could have been and perhaps think of life as an adventure, in that case all that different choices do is present different adventures. I think that any choices that we have made that we believe resulted in negative situations should serve as lessons learn’t in order to make an alternative better choice next time rather than pondered upon in a state of regret or frustration.


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