Me, Myself and I

So, this should have been probably my first post on my blog…but it wasn’t! This only should be enough to highlight one of my characteristics, which is that I am not keen on rules and regulations and don’t think that the “way it is usually done” and “that is how we do it since years” approach are good ways of handling situations. In order to test our capabilities, we need to try out what works best for us.

Bill Gates quoted once “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” ( Not only the easy way but most likely the way, which others would not think off.

So, coming back to my main purpose of this post , which is a little background information on myself, my objective of this blog and the content of my blog. Not in that order though. That would be too easy.

I enjoy writing. Have always and will always do hopefully! Furthermore, I like to joke quite a lot. Two unrelated issues you say? (Don’t you hate it as well when people speak on behalf of yourself?) The combination of both usually results in writings within my personal journal, which are filled with jokes, word games but also serious topics. Once in awhile I think and try to analyse theories about the occurrence of different situations and the possibility of certain actions. Usually my friends are the once, who have to listen to my created stories and theories. Now I have chosen to publicly use YOU as my test objects. Test object has a slightly negative tone but without test objects many of the products on the markets would be not possible and there would be no pioneers. Test objects usually also get forgotten once the experiment is over. Firstly, I won’t forget any followers and commenter’s ( I can’t say all readers, since that is something I can’t see). Secondly, this is a never ending experiment and it is fun. No allergies will be created from reading my blog but on the downside you will not get any monetary benefit. I am not planning on bribing anyone to read my blog.

A bit of background information about myself. I am a mixed breed, half German and half Turkish, currently living in the United Kingdom. Until now I have lived in 5 different countries. The countries are: Germany, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Italy and currently United Kingdom. Furthermore, I enjoy languages, travelling and meeting interesting people

So, what is the scope of this experiment, sorry I meant blog! I will write weekly a post on my blog. The “what to do and not to do on blogs” sites usually state, that you need to be a frequent blogger in order to attract a large crowd. I don’t believe that writing everyday or every second day will be beneficial. Therefore, I will go ahead with my belief that once a week posting is fine. I will see soon enough if that works or not! I see every day writing a bit like eating every day your favourite chocolate.
Let’s say for this case dark chocolate is your favourite chocolate. When you start eating it every day, you get accustomed to the taste and it loses its uniqueness and even a bit of its taste and pleasure it brings by eating it. (Sorry to the Diabetics, next time I will use a different example) You start to take it granted and get even a bit bored of it. As a result, you suddenly start to crave for white chocolate because that is something you rarely eat. After the first bite of the white chocolate, you start to ask yourself why you ever bothered eating the dark chocolate, which you once liked so much. This habit will change once you start to eat dark chocolate less frequently, let’s say once a week maybe…

Now that we have established the timeframe, we will be moving on to a more difficult topic, which is regarding the content of the blog. I will start with topics, which I wanted to write about since awhile. They might be deep/ meaningful/ funny/ superficial. A mix of many things in order to find out what I like writing about the most and what my readers might like to read the most and I hope that at the end both overlap each other. My desire is to keep the topics equally balanced between a piece, which will make you think and a different one, which is easier to understand and possibly to laugh about. Why is it good to mix the topics? Please see above my chocolate example! Until now I have two posts on my blog, which one is about “Choices in life” and the other one “Travel Anecdotes”.

As I said at the beginning, since this is an experiment I see it as a journey to a world, which hasn’t been discovered by myself before: The Blog World!

I hope that you will enjoy your journey with me and although we will probably have ups and downs I assure you I will always value your contribution and will be expecting you on my side of the blog world whenever you are ready for it!


One thought on “Me, Myself and I

  1. Loved it! This piece is so you 🙂 I’m sure I would have immediately recognized the writer if I was reading it elsewhere. See you next week 🙂


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