The Mask

The Mask underneath we hide our true identity. The social sites are the best example to explain it. The “happiness” portrayed by the social site users through pictures of this amazing places, amazing dinners, amazing friends etc., which are “liked” by so many and once in awhile a sad post, which does not get any reaction. Why is that? Is there nobody out there? Of course they are out there…What makes them not respond though? Hearing their own thoughts written down or is it that they are feeding on the sad feelings of others? Well I assume not the latter.

My favourite programme is “Catfish”. ( It is the perfect example of hiding behind another identity. It is a show regarding relationships between two people, which develop via Facebook. The curios factor is that these two people have never met in real life but at least one of them has developed feelings for the other one. Throughout the show, the two investigators, which operate under Catfish find out that one or both of them have something to hide and therefore, have created a fake profile. In “harmless” cases the profile picture on facebook is a highly photo shopped one but in more extreme cases it is a complete fake picture and behind the picture of a beautiful woman is actually a man. What is quite nice of this program is that throughout the show the explanation comes out of why the person has felt the need to hide behind a different identity. Once it is revealed most of them stop to use their fake accounts and feel happier. Is that not exactly what should happen? Preferably, without the previous actions obviously. Once the mask is off and we are able to show our true selves the wasted energy of maintaining the image can be put into aims or objectives we want to achieve.

Why do we have the need to put a mask on?

Sometimes, when people wear their masks/identity for too long, they become accustomed to being identified as that person. The “real” self and the “mask” self mix into each other. As we all know, once you get accustomed to a habit it is very hard to break it unless you put a conscious effort into it. Therefore, the important questions are: Isn’t it difficult to show certain traits and suppress others? Why is one trait or characteristic acceptable by society, whereas the other one is not accepted by society? To be honest, it is rarely the case that you hide your happiness from others but is much more likely that you hide your sadness.

So, next time before you leave the house and want to put your mask on and display a person, which you think pleases others more than your true self, just hold the mask a bit longer in your hand and consider if it would be really that terrible to leave ”it” for once at home. Unfortunately or fortunately most people are mostly occupied with themselves…There will be only few people, who will recognize on that day (without the famous mask) that you are behaving differently but others will pass you with even noticing it. And for the people who really recognize the change and cannot accept you for who you are…Are they really your friends? On the positive side you will make a good impression on others. The persons you attract are compatible with the person’s characteristic you display or who you are. So, is it worth it to be surrounded by “so-called friends” and being nonetheless not satisfied with your life. The only important happiness is yours.

So, Dear Readers, have a close look to your surroundings and to the mask you are wearing. Is it really worth it? Go out and display yourself as you are and live without the mask, which you have become accustomed to. It is difficult you say? It is easier than you think! Just try it out!


One thought on “The Mask

  1. That would be great, but I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting -a person without the mask-, yet. The question I ask myself or the game for me has always been how thick it is & how many of them the person wears and the result comes usually in the first minute with the first few words and eye contacts or by observing the behavior silently…

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