The bee, which invaded my space

I went to my car and saw a bee in my car. Everyone knows that I do not like bees. What was it doing in my place?? I started to speak with the bee and told him that he needs to get out because the car was mine and it was too small for both of us to share. I opened a bit one of my car windows, so that it would have a chance to get out. I was so kind. That is what I was told.

The next day I took a magazine with me. Ready to defend my property. The bee was clearly in the wrong and if it did not have taken the chance to escape, it knew what was going to happen. I had already communicated to him what I wanted. Nobody cares about a bee. Not me and nor my friends. Clearly he was in the wrong. With all the intention of getting rid of the bee I was walking towards my car.

I heard loud sum’s and was astonished to think so much noise would come from one bee. To my surprise there were many bees in my car. I felt betrayed. Had I not given the chance to the bee to escape but instead it chose to call help from other bees to help in its lost cause?

It was my car. Although…. when I took it, I was aware that the bee was going to be included as well but I had shut my mind about that fact. At the end it is my car and I can do whatever I want with it. Not a bee and not a bunch of bees will stop me from getting what I want. It is about me and my friends against the bees. They should have known better. Full of rage, I went to my friends to tell them about it. They reacted in the same way I was hoping for. Very supportive and said that they will take any measures to get rid of the bees. At the end, how dare that they had invaded my car?

On my way, I saw some other bees and got so annoyed that I killed them. They hadn’t done anything to me and I knew that but just the association of them, with the bees who had attacked me was enough reason for my action. Everyone would understand that. All of my friends did! So everyone else would do as well.

I went to my car and opened the boot. I knew that all the bees were at the front and I was done talking. No more discussions. Hadn’t I opened the window once a bit?

So, I opened the boot and put the bomb inside it. I consciously took a couple of steps back and then some more. Then I activated the bomb. It was horrific to watch. The car exploded and the fire was seen for kilometres from everyone. I could hear the cries of the bees but felt not sorry because they were in the wrong. My friends joined me to watch as well. We were so right in our cause. The neighbours started shouting at us. Cursing at us and calling us inhuman. How could we have done so? We didn’t bother to explain. It was my car, my property; I could do anything I want with it. What the neighbours thought did not concern us.

Me and my friends split and I went home feeling very satisfied with my action although I had ruined the reputation of my car and myself to all the neighbours and to everyone else who heard about it. Everyone had already started speaking about it and the news spread fast to all the other neighbourhoods as well. I had acted cruel but at the end they were bees, they were not one of us, were they?

As I arrived at the front door, I saw that my house had been exploded! My home, my family was gone. What had I done? A butterfly passed me at that moment…



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