Moving Countries

This is the 6th time that I am moving countries in my adult life. My moves were from small scale, which is moving of one or two suitcases to a full blown one, like my current one, which involves transportation of all my belongings from one apartment to another one in a different country including the responsibilities, which are involved in these like cancelling of all the utility bills.

My moves were from, Munich, my home town to Dubai, the city I had the most fun at whilst studying and partying and meeting amazing people from all around the world. From Dubai, which I felt very sad to leave at that time, to Istanbul a buzzing city, full of history with a population of over 14 Million people. Then from Istanbul to beautiful Roma. It is one of my favourite cities. You even feel happy whilst getting lost and trying to find the way because every corner has its own beauty and it seems like you just get to know new places rather than try to find the location, which you initially wanted to go. I had the pleasure of staying there only two months and then moved on or back to Munich. Munich the city, which hosts the Oktoberfest yearly and is known for the Bavarian friendliness. After 2 years of having lived there and being re united with my friends the next destination was for me United Kingdom. United Kingdom, a place known for his posh and not so posh English accent. The Big Ben is there, the London Eye, Madame Toussads. Ahh I am speaking about London so where did I go? Farnborough! What is it known for? Hmm it is 25 minutes by train to London and every second year it hosts the Farnborough Airshow. These are literally all the highlights this town has to offer. I have improved my English enormously and have met wonderful, helpful and kind people.

And that brings me to my current move, which is from U.K., the city of bad English food but wonderful and polite English people to eventually Milan, Italy. Since, I am currently fully involved in the move, I thought I would take the opportunity to share some of the experiences I have made and I am still making, so that it might help current movers and future movers. Or on the very least, it will be funny story to read or cause some to sigh with relief that they are not moving!

I had made a to do list with an action list, which is as seen below

  • Cancel water supplier
  • Cancel electricity supplier
  • Contact Letting agent/Landlord
  • Sell my car
  • Empty my flat
  • Cancel my car insurance
  • Terminate my rent contract
  • Cancel Council tax
  • Speak with the bank.

Approx. that was the way on how I had organized my list, which I thought at that time was well done. I realized very fast that I had just painted a bigger picture because without the company names and your specific membership number, you get very little information and you are basically told to call back because you might fail easily the security questions. Also the most common security question is how much they book within which period via direct debit from your account.

First advise of this blog Always have your paperwork organized and write down your membership number and the amount you pay monthly before calling the utility suppliers.

A “Ah I think I pay per month xx amount” is usually the wrong answer. There are also questions on when you started to enrol with that certain provider. If it has been just 6 months ago you might still remember the exact date but not if it has been years ago.

As an organised person, I wanted to call all the utility suppliers early enough to tell them that I am moving but it was too early so I had to do it last minute, which is good for them but not good for me or any mover. It is the situation that whilst you stand in a half empty full of boxes apartment you try to organise to cancel the utility providers! For me it was a week before the moving out date, which should be the end of January, 2015 but my letting agent was having views of my apartment, so that they get possibly a new tenant. I refused weekends for viewings, which will be during your move your busiest time. I could not take off properly of work due to my workload. Murphy’s law. Everything comes together at the same time and goes wrong.

Another funny note is that once you move you have to provide your forwarding address and mine was in Italy so italian street name’s. The amount of times I had to spell the name out! It was difficult for me and the company I was speaking to. It got however easier after the 3rd time!

I can’t emphasize this point enough but always check with the utility suppliers if you need to do anything else in order to cancel the bills. Any document to be send back, anything which needs your signature. It is not pleasant to receive these information’s a couple of days before moving out.

Another chapter with new advices will follow next time but for now:

Christmas time in Italy

Everywhere, there is the Christmas feeling around and presents are past from hand to hand. “Buon Natale” is called out and people are kissed on the cheeks. Christmas Time has come and it will be my first Christmas in Milan!

Frohe Weihnachten! Merry Christmas! Buon Natale!


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