Moving Countries Part 2

Last time we covered the part regarding the paperwork and within this post we will concentrate on organising the physical movement like finding a moving company, evaluating how many boxes are needed for all your belongings, deciding if you want to take all furniture & clothes with you whilst feeling at the same time sad about leaving and happy about moving.
The good part is; eventually everything will come together and you will enjoy a cup of tea at your new home. The bad part is; if you are at this stage of the move, you are just starting!

The second advise: Whilst moving have support with you in form of a friend, family or even paid one and even if it is only a morale support it will help you immensely!
At some point or another you will stand in the midst of the chaos and will want to run away. Calm that urge down otherwise it will eat you from the inside, which it does after awhile where you have sleepless nights. I was extremely fortunate that my mum came to help me out otherwise I do not know how I would have handled it. Also all the upcoming decisions will be handled easier with someone, who knows you well or is paid to know your preferences.

Now the most important part of the movement…
Choose the moving company wisely
I contacted via the internet some moving companies, asked friends for their advice and looked out for flyers and vans with moving company advertisements. At the end it came down to two.
I called one of them. I had seen the flyer and the words “professional”, “two helpers”, “international movement” and “full insurance” were the keywords for me. The response to my call was “Hello” from a woman. I said that I wanted to get a quote and advise regarding the moving. She said “I will connect you to the right person”. This time a man answered with “Hello”. At that time I was irritated and said “Am I speaking with the company xx because until now nobody has answered the phone in that way or introduced themselves? “ His answer was “Do you want to call again so I can answer the phone with the company name and my name?”. After another 2 minutes it was clear that it was a “fake” company. Nowadays, you can’t be too careful about companies, which might turn out to be not what they seem. Probably from the above written you can see that it was not the best start but even the smallest shops answer with their shop name the phone. In any company I have worked in it was obligatory to use the company name and state your name.
Fortunately, I was lucky with Movecorp ( They were very professional and reachable (answered with the company name) and updated via e-mail the status and answered all my question and even provided the packing boxes and were very flexible. I saw also that they work with Moneycorp together, which can be seen at many airports.

An advise regarding how many boxes you might need: Write down your belongings and how you want to divide them and how many boxes you might need per belonging.
For that, you might need to wonder around your place and have a look on how many things you actually have. More than you thought will be the answer. Also decide on and how many things you might need to take with you for the next step in your life. Add to your estimated box number around 5 more unless you are really bad at it then ask for a second opinion or a professional one. The company can come to your apartment and advise you on how many boxes you might need. With me it worked with exactly 30 boxes.

Always label your boxes. Write down the content of the boxes.
Although during packing it might seem like a good idea to pack things away, you will regret not labelling them once you receive them. Putting into boxes the right thing and the clothes, equipments, which you are not planning on using soon are important. You do not really want to put paperwork, which you need right now into the boxes or your favourite jumper into it. You will miss them dearly once you have packed them away and it disappears from your sight under many other boxes.

Next advise: If you have belongings which you want to sell it do them as soon as possible.
The timing is very important but also the month of the year. Me, moving before Christmas and trying to sell things looked like an impossible mission. Probably in January, February things change again but I can’t speak about these months out of experience. I was the least concerned about my Red devil, my Ford Fiesta, which was just my second car I ever had. I used Autotrader ( to advertise my car. I had put it on a Friday and on Saturday someone immediately called to view it. Weekends are the times you will receive most of the calls for your advertisements. Follow for this step my first advise and have your paperwork together. I recognized whilst looking through my paperwork for my car that the service booklet was missing. Frantically, I was looking for it but fortunately I could retrieve it from the garage, where I had bought my car initially from located 30 min. from me. Before you move you do not think much about missing documents or that you need to have all documents together because the service check is once a year but once you are on the move even 1 hour from your time is a lot and eats into your time where you could pack boxes or call utility providers or schedule meetings for your car. You can pick from the many activities. Also for the furniture, if you want to sell any, immediate advertisement is needed but then you have to consider the consequence that you will not have furniture at that time. So the armrest which you thought would save lots of place once sold carried all your electronic equipment. Now they are on the floor. Also for wardrobes once sold you have to think about the consequence of having them outside or put them orderly into the boxes.

Don’t push yourself to the limit!
Your back is hurting and you look like a ghost because you are constantly grabbing things from the floor, carrying the boxes, wrapping them up and having sleepless nights? Take a step back and put some pauses in between. It helps nobody when you are grumpy, tired and manage to hurt yourself whilst in the process of moving and packing. A little tea break or coffee break will do wonders. The motivation is back. Even if you are surrounded by wrapping equipment, ready or non ready boxes, scissors etc.

On this note; Let’s enjoy a cup of tea and see what will happen in 2015. May happiness and health be a big part of 2015!!!



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