Moving Countries Final

It is 2015, the new year has started. The first days are still full of the ideas of what to change in this “new” life and “new” image.
However, some of us are dealing with moving their household.

The advise following the don’t push yourself to the limit is a more diplomatic one which involves your social skills:
Be in contact with the Letting Agent/Landlord
If you are renting a property you have to remove all your belongings, the property has to be cleaned perhaps painted and left in a good shape.
It is important that you keep up to date regarding timescales like checking out date, cleaning date, and leaving date. If you have questions, ask immediately. Don’t postpone and always chase responses when you do not receive them immediately. The letting agent is keen on getting a new tenant in as well as the landlord. I had been tenant for 3 and half years and my landlord gave me for Christmas chocolate for being such a good tenant. It was the sweetest thing ever since I hadn’t recognized that I did anything special. When there was something wrong with the boiler I could call him and it got fixed but that was the only problem.

Plan ahead until the delivery time!
So, the actual date of the pick up of the boxes is coming closer and the delivery date is announced. Mine is the second week of January, 2015, so I am still waiting for my boxes…
Moving over Christmas….
Do a rough calculation on how long you will need to live without the boxes and what the content of your suitcase(s) should be. Do you wear formal clothes to work? How many days will you need to wear them? Do you need your sport clothes? What about skiing? Any holiday planned during that time? What about money, which currency is needed? What about the small things like what you do in the mornings usually? Do you need your tea, coffee, electrical toothbrush, charger, razor, hairbrush, contact lenses, and contact lens solution and so on? I guess so! So, these are for the suitcase(s). You do not want to wake up in the new home with missing socks, missing coffee and feeling miserable because they are in that box which you marked as “Kitchen” and “Clothes”. There is no better feeling than waking up at your new home with familiar things and not feeling out of place!

Try to change your mindset and adjust to your environment.
I am now since more than a week in my new home country and living in my new home until my next move from Gallarete to Milan. I am a city girl and have done the mistake in staying in a town for too long. Now that I had arrived my new landlady has scheduled a meeting with me. My Italian landlady told me she will arrive from 10 30 until 11 30. So she arrived at 13.!!! An hour meeting took place in two hours, which is fine. Better to know more than less. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room. Great!

First time experiences.
Now off to work with the rent a car. Wait! With the car on the wrong side of the road to work, a route which I have never driven before? Ah but I got my navigation and I am driving now since a couple of years so it shouldn’t be too difficult. U.K. has the üdrivers and so tolerant and very few honks. And now here!! Please do not run me over! I am just starting to drive and although you honk I will not drive faster because I am too scared to drive faster! I honk back. They understand and move on, which means taking over from the left usually…After awhile of driving I think that is not going to bad and hit the pavement because I come too close to it. Next day, I do not see any cars and do a left turn. The usual left turn, which I would do in the U.K. which brings me face to face or in this case car to car with a furious car driver. So, take is slow and careful until the brain adjusts to the new situation. Ok, the Garmin Satnav I bought in U.K. has a bit of difficulties in adjusting to this new country and these roads. Funny, how it pronounces the roads with a British accent. So, I get lost…Hm, which direction do I need to go now? Varese, Milan or wherever the hell I am? Put extra time for losing the way and not losing your patient. All ways lead to Rome but that is not the way I am looking for! Eventually a very stressed and alerted person arrives at work. Me! Fortunately, it was only a test drive because I had taken a day off to get adjusted to driving and sorting out my new place! Sometimes I find the road easier and sometimes it is more difficult. Sometimes I am patient and sometimes I just want to shout and cry. That is the way it goes. The beginning is always the most difficult but it eases over time and then you remember how silly you behaved at that time. That recognition of that however has not settled in yet!
The first time going grocery shopping in Italy. Going to Carrefour. Cheese, bread, sausage, kitchen towels all the familiar things. Everything written in Italian. With my basic to medium Italian, which I haven’t used since a long time I look through the stores. Vegetable oil… Hmm there are pictures so I guess I got the right one. Then I pass the mozzarella shell. I love mozzarella! There is the normal one, the cheaper one, the buffalo one. It is full of my favourite cheese. So, what about shampoo and crèmes. With all the planning I could not locate them in my suitcase. Shower crème…”Docia crema” Sounds about right! Now let’s get my favourite washing powder Ariel and vernel. There is vernel but no Ariel. Hm Dexan? Is it good or not? Which sausage is the nicest? Uhh they have cut in a nice shape the salmon so it can be easily put into pasta and as well some ready sauces. My kind of country! Full of new impressions.

Try the local day to day life
I had heard about the aperitivo which is basically where you pay around 5 Euro for a cocktail and get access to an open buffet and can eat as much as you want. Delicious! I found out later that actually it is something like a pre dinner thing assuming that you do not eat too much. Delicious Italian food! They are the best in the food sector. Once the year 2015 starts the proper Italian classes will start for me. Do as the Romans will do. The language symbolizes a lot about the culture.

Now the wait for the boxes begins…



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