The girl on the train

There was a girl on the train. She was pretty, had nice eyes and seemed helpful. People asked her about the way to destinations and she was helping them to find the right way. After they left, she put for the next twenty minutes make-up on whilst being on the train.
However, people feel about putting make up on whilst being on public transport. There was the funny video of a woman putting make up on and then it showed a man shaving on public transport. That was probably the take of some people’s viewpoint.
She was obviously taking care of herself. That was clear. Maybe for herself, maybe for the image she portrays to the outside world. She was sitting in a comfortable position. Put her legs up on the across seat but with her bag underneath, so that her shoes would not touch the seat. It is a respectful move since it was as well an empty wagon.
There she was, ready to get off the train, the girl from the train. It saddens to think that the same pretty girl, who was helpful and respectful and taking care of herself would be immediately judged by some as soon as she was seen. A simple piece of clothing was covering her head (a scarf) and with that alone within seconds people would judge her for her religion and would see nothing but the religion whilst looking at her without looking at her. How a simple piece of clothing can degrade a human being into something that the other person sees in her. For that moment when a race, a religion or any kind of other effect, which makes a person see only that point rather than anything else about the person then you know something has gone horribly wrong. Would the person, who judges recognise the kind smile of her whilst looking at a child playing or recognise the so carefully put on make up? Perhaps the pretty eyes who lighten up with the music, which is being played by a street musician?
What would that kind of image be that the person see when looking at someone, which brings out emotions of superiority and judgement?
Which right does one person have over another one to judge them or to make them feel bad about something, which the other person has chosen or was given to live with?




3 thoughts on “The girl on the train

  1. “Which right does one person have over another one to judge them or to make them feel bad about something, which the other person has chosen or was given to live with?” gooood point, which is often overlooked by the so called “civilized! western society”…

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    • That is correct Ersin! Although due to recent activities it seems more a western attitude it is applicable to everywhere. The judgement of a certain background, skin colour, occupation and so on brings it’s own kind of judgement from the people. At the end we are human beings and we need to adjust a bit more to our surroundings and learn to emphasise with each other and look and learn from each other. Only my modest opinion 🙂

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