Where does “I hate Mondays” come from?

“I hate Mondays”.
Like its brother and sister it has as well six letters; Friday and Sunday. But you don’t hear this statement about either of those two days.

Actually, would Monday be on a dating site it would get matched up with Sunday. They have more than 50% similarities. (nday). The promoting sentence could be “During the day it goes through different stages of feelings. It enjoys occasional days to relax and have a slow start. Why don’t you have a slow start together?”

Of course, there are some businesses who profit from promoting one of the other brothers and sisters. TGIF– Thanks God it is Friday. What a celebrated day the Friday is. In a family Friday would be the most liked and most spoilt and Monday the ignored and doing all the work in the family. “Monday, start washing the dishes whilst we play cards with each other. You would just spoil the joy of the rest of us.” How cruel the others would be towards Monday..

What did the Monday do to deserve this kind of treatment?

Are all the new beginnings treated equally? The beginning of months are liked. Birthdays are seen as something to celebrate. A New Year symbolises the beginning of a complete new start. Everyone is planning on how to improve themselves, what they want to achieve in this New Year. So, what is so different about a new start of the week? With a Monday you don’t associate a new start… It is the beginning of the week…Brrrr..

Also in the Middle East it is common to have the week start on a Sunday. So Friday and Saturday are the weekends. I haven’t heard the phrase “I hate Sundays”, the matching day to Monday.

Let’s analyse the other sisters and brothers; Tuesday is seen as close enough to mid week and Wednesday is mid week leaning towards the weekend. Thursday gets a bit of the popularity from Friday and is seen as a popular day as well. A bit like when the cool kid hangs with his friend and the friend gets a piece of the popularity for himself. At the end, if you can take off Friday then Thursday will becomes the new Friday. Saturday is seen as the weekend. The day everyone was looking so much forward through.

Somehow there it is Monday. What a sad day.. If it would be a human being it would be the kid, who gets chosen last at sport activities for teams. A bit like Kevin left at home alone. The forgotten one although it has an impact on our mood.

Ah Monday how can we change the way you are perceived?



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