Morning Rush

Mornings at 7:30 a.m. in the public transport; the faces of the involuntarily chosen early morning birds, the sleepy eyes and “out of energy” bodies and faces sitting or standing in the metro with the look of pure unhappiness. Almost like a dark cloud hovering over them. “Let it rain, let it rain…” can be heard from the cloud from a distinct sad voice. 

 Even when the pretty woman or handsome man enters the metro, they are only rewarded with a passing glance, whereas in the afternoon or at the evening it would change to a full blown intensive look and perhaps more. But for that, the energy, the attention span is not there in the morning in the public transport. 

The energy floats back when the desired station is approached. The bodies are tense, the eyes are awake. Unaware that in there current situation, that they are neatly in the middle of a sardines tin with close proximity to each other. Some you think about how nice they smell others not. The elbows are out on their way to make way, the mouth warped with a grim look and one hand has the weapon of the weapons, the metro card, which you need to swipe out. Ready to go out for war!

There are different warrior types; the once, who are faking the casual relaxedness, although the stop is coming closer with every second. The way this person stands and the slow movements towards the exit give him away. Then there are the hectic born; already tapping their feet nervously stops before and uneasily moving around in their centimetre territory. The third type of warriors are the strategic warriors; the observers, who are already analysing each person’s moves whilst calculating the best move for them to reach the final goal of getting out smoothly. The three types of warriors can be seen at every public transport. 

There are smaller groups, which cannot be classified though as warriors like the “starers”, who enjoy the long uncomfortable unnecessary stare and some of them succeed with the permanent stare that fellow travellers leave to another place. The “sleepers” people have the ability to sleep anywhere and the “at homers” feel at home as the name gives it away. They put on their make-up and the final touches to their outfit. I haven’t seen shavers yet but that might be the next step. Another group of many but the most annoying of the fellow travellers are the “careless” people. They are blissfully unaware or uncaring of their surroundings; leaning with their full body weight on the pole and through that squeezing some other person’s hand or turning around with their rucksacks without a care in the world if someone gets harmed during that. Also they can sometimes be seen as hugging the pole and with that giving no chance to others to hold on to the pole. Sorry, to have walked into your intimate hug.

The above mentioned three warrior types, wrapped in their individual mindset, blending out everything thought in their upbringing about manners, ready to use their elbows against others, their mouth and their mind ready to speak attack or defend. Although, having said that the public transport has trained them to be silent warriors. Rarely, will the public transport become a ground of full blown shout out fights of these experienced groups. The actions, gesticulation and facial expressions will be the characteristics, will be the once that will lead the war and win it. For whom that is not clear. Them against me. Me against them. Although, I am one of them. 

The moment when a child or an elderly person appears in front of that person the whole war mindset and the preparation freeze for a moment. This can as well happen if a familiar looking person appears of whom they are fond of. The association always is and will be our strongest point. Suddenly, through that the situation calms down. The warrior grounds shift to an alternative point after that person. After reaching the alternative point, it re-starts again with overtaking in quick steps each other, using their legs and bodies as being in a skiing slalom, from the right and from the left people are overtaken.

The saved couple of seconds are not seconds but precious time, nobody is willingly to give up on easily, since it was fought so hard to gain them. This valuable time can be used to buy a snack and/or reach the next warrior ground (metro) or simply leave the warrior ground for good. Before exiting completely the underground however, the expertise quick flick of the metro card is performed. The card slides and out of the machine and releases the warrior from the warrior field. You may have won this battle but we will see if you will win the war!



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