The Destroyer

The destroyer is known as a strategic and clever hunter. It hunts alone, since it is strong enough by itself. It does not need the group pack effect. The destroyer specializes in finding out weak points and making its move at the right moment in order to have the most effective impact. The explosion is the aim of the destroyer and from which it derives its full satisfaction.

What does it destroy? It destroys relationships between families, friends, couples, colleagues and acquaintances.

So, does it mean that the smart people, who can read people well and are clever as well, are able to avoid an attack or a manipulative move from the destroyer? No, no mon Cheri. Exactly, this characteristic will make it a worthwhile hunt. Some species of the destroyer enjoy the easy hunt but the majority likes the challenge of trying to break a smart one, who thinks that this could never happen to them. It is a bit like going into a high class restaurant or eating at a fast food chain. This creature does not want to have a fast McChicken but it wants to taste the one, which is not easily available and easy to get a bit off.

It will find in some way to connect to the target person. Since it is used to working alone, it has learnt to perfectly blend in with the environment. It creates a relaxed atmosphere and will find a way to make the target person talk. But it is not only looking for the words, which come out of the target’s mouth. It watches from close by and from the distant. It analyses the moves, the gestures and interprets them correctly and gets a “good read”. That is the real danger since it will only stop looking when it has found the perfect weak point. The weak point, which the destroyer will target eventually and will gain from it the full satisfaction, which is its whole aim.

It can be anything from the slightly too frequent glances of the boyfriend to his girlfriend, whilst she speaks with another male. It could be the certain tone used to another family member. It could be the hidden jealous look of one friend to another. It could be the way that a certain person does not look into the mirror whilst passing. It could be a less obvious move like fiddling with certain jewellery. Be assured that the destroyer will not miss a beat of this happening. Every little detail will be taken into the scale and will be tested on how effective as a hurting point it could be.

Eventually after the analysis it will make its extremely well calculated move. It will throw in a casual sentence to the boyfriend nervously looking from far away to his girlfriend “Oh, you two don’t look like a couple at all.” Then the destroyer will take a step back because it has accomplished what it wanted; putting a bad seed into a persons mind. Oh yes, it works says the cruel eye of the creature called destroyer. Then it watches to see how its creation will work out. The boyfriend stamps to this girlfriend and a huge argument erupts. The destroyer is satisfied and leaves. The same man, referred to as boyfriend, might remember days, months, years afterwards that moment but will not be able to detect, where that person disappeared to. It will remain to him a mystery on how a complete stranger or even a friend had worked him up so much that he had reacted so explosive and had all this bad thoughts in his head.

The destroyer although an alone hunter does have friends. However, these people should take a “How to identify good friends 101 class”. These friends are either not aware of the characteristics of that person or are naively lulled in the security that the destroyer would not do its “game” with them. That is wrong. Eventually the destroyer will need a McChicken and the easiest target will be the one closest by, which the destroyer has the most knowledge about.

The destroyer is not easily to identify unless it has happened to you before and you are more cautious about people, who are influencing you. It comes in different shapes and sizes, different characteristics but eventually it will show its face. The manipulations are not easy to track or identify either. It could range from a shrug, a certain look, a casual but well placed remark or a very direct comment masked within a joke. The examples continue since it will fit to the person it is targeting. It will use the best way to play you and keep hidden as long as it can.

Don’t be played against the destroyer! The name is whispered in frightened tones of the once experienced the horrific impacts. Be patient and don’t add yourself as a further number to its enormous amount of victims left behind. At the end the destroyer will do to itself what it is best at; to destroy!



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