I saw it, you saw it and they saw it – but what exactly did we see though?

Did we see what we were supposed to see or did we see something what we were supposed to not see?

But then…how can you forget something, which you saw once?

Isn’t it comparable to a memory that floats back into your mind when a certain moment occurs?

  • Hearing the song to which you were once upon a time getting ready to go out with your best friend. The feeling of excitement, the laughters – the happy moments you shared together
  • Walking on a certain square or street and being reminded of the person you were once walking along that street and remembering the conversations you had
  • Seeing a certain movie and remembering, which brings you back to the memories of that time period of your life.

Ah memories – they serve you so well and the hunt you so well.

The memories you want to cherish, the once you want to forget and the once you want to ignore.

What would you be without the memories?

Would you be an entirely different person or someone close enough to the person you are today?

Are you then not yourself “just” a memory? And if so, would you want to be forgotten?

What do I see, you see and they see when looking at you?


4 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Memory is everything in our life. It pictures and shapes us. Without memory life is harder than we think. I happened to see a documentary about a man whose short term memory broke because of an accident. He was only able to grip to older memories, but he did forget a phrase immediatly after spoken. Meet a person just few minutes later was like seeing an old forgotten friend. Memory is collection of present instants, just like hope is waiting for them… We are creatures enclosed between two worlds: future and past.

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    • Thanks for your comment! Very well written as expected from a fellow blogger 🙂 I would add just the “present” as well, which gets too often neglected while the other forms get the whole attention.


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