We want more and more and more and more….

We want to be prettier, thinner, more attractive, more successful,
richer, increase our circle of friends, travel the world, buy a car, buy after that the newer model of the car, buy a phone, buy after that the newer phone, buy an apartment, buy a bigger one.

We are ambitious and wanting more. Working towards more.

All this goals, all this ambition focused on achieving our longing for happiness.
Having reached this goal, we become happy.
Happy – such a simple word. Happy and satisfied with the world, with us, with our surroundings…
The lasting happiness.. The question about “How long happiness lasts?” is discussed within the below link basically stating that happiness is not a constant trait:


Once we reached our goal(s); the hard worked and awaited promotion, the amazing car, the house, the swimming pool, the person we have wanted to win over/ be together with for so long. Do we then achieve the long awaited happy feeling? The overall satisfaction, which will keep us on cloud nine forever. The feeling of forever happiness?
A couple of years ago, one of our top managers around 40ish joined a casual meeting. He was known for his ambition and for his dedication to work. Whilst speaking about families started he said: “My biggest regret in life is neglecting my family.” Soon after this impromptu personal talk, we found out that he was getting divorced and that he spoke rarely with his children. Two years down the line, I met the same promising manager and he had worked his way up and had become a well known and powerful manager within the company. However, his personal situation had not changedI congratulated him and asked about his family. His eyes saddened deeply for a moment but he recovered quickly as the true professional he is. I walked away thinking “I hope it was worth it”.

The scene of the lady looking out of the window is a touching one.
We look out of the window from our home, which we have created. Do you still remember the joy when you bought the apartment? The joy of decorating it, fixing the balcony, putting in new doors, buying the huge tv, which is in your living room, buying this very expensive carpet to get a sense of luxury? Do you still remember it or have you turned your back literally and physically already towards the things, which you have already achieved? Why don’t you get the same satisfaction out of it as you used to once upon a time?

Surely, you will reach the ultimate happiness once you get an even better promotion. Or towards the partner you have been hoping for a long time? Or the great apartment and the car? Perhaps when you finally have a child to take care? Or once you have on your list more than 5 countries you have visited? More than 300 friends on facebook? More than 50 messages for your birthday? Why not everything at the same time to ensure that your happiness will not be affected at the least when you do not achieve all these.

Surely, you will reach happiness once you have fulfilled all of these. Surely, this time the feeling will last a life time.


One thought on “We want more and more and more and more….

  1. This is definitely one of my VERY favorite ones! It’s a great topic, scary at the same time. I think about it very often… Am I happier with the “more” I’ve got?
    Really like your point of view 🙂 Great post!


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