balanceWe are humans.

Everyone reading this is a human being despite their exterior, beliefs and characteristics.

We eventually end up in the same place disregarding of any favourable or unfavourable treatment we have received during our life.

The person to your left has a mother and father and the person to your right has a mother and a father. These persons have people who care for them with the same feelings as other people have towards you.

You are no different than the person next to you. The person next to you is no different than you.

Your life should be as much worth as the persons you are walking, commuting, working and living with on this earth.

If you start to follow the mass then you are a dead fish. Why? Because only dead fish swim with the mass.

Have we not learnt from our history what happens if we follow someone directly or indirectly influencing is/ telling us what we should do and we all do it without having any doubt about it?

How many times have you read in the history books and heard from your grandparents about the past? Ah it was the past; therefore it does not count anymore. It CAN’T happen nowadays.

God gave us a great gift-OUR BRAIN! Don’t ignore this gift – USE IT!

It is a muscle, which needs to be trained.

Without training it, you will be eaten like the rest of the dead fishes.


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