The rabbit and the tiger

Once upon a time there was a rabbit and a tiger, who were travelling together. They went from mountain to mountain, from city to city and from country to country.

“What an odd combination we are” thought the rabbit. “A tiger and a rabbit travelling together? Where have you heard ever of something like this?”.

Both encountered many people from different backgrounds and experienced adventures they would speak years after about.

Their bond became stronger with every step they took in their journey. Their trust in each was unbreakable. Something special had formed between them. 

One day the rabbit finally decided to speak up and turned to the tiger, who was thoughtfully gazing at the fire whilst lying down.

“Tiger” it said. “I have something to ask you. Why have you chosen to travel with me, a rabbit, whereas you could have travelled with any other tiger you would have liked?”

The tiger gracefully stood up. Both were unaware of their beautiful surrounding; in the midst of the mountain with a fire to keep them warm enough, the stars on the sky giving them enough light to see more than shadows of each other.

“Well” speaking with a gentle tone, which could not hide the trust and caringness  the tiger felt for his companion, “are you not the only one, who sees herself as a rabbit?”


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