Time – if not this time we can do it next time

Time…what a strange term.

People say “We still have time“. But do we? Is a person who is saying “I am a time millionaire” richer than a person who is a millionaire due to the money terms?

Recently a beloved work colleague in his 40s has passed away. We used to work together in UK, drink tea together and traveled once on a business trip together. On top of being a friendly, beloved and modest person I personally appreciated that once he became an important manager that his personality remained the same without any sign of arrogance.

During a business meeting he collapsed and was brought to the nearest hospital. Upon hearing this news I contacted him if he needed anything since it happened out of UK. He was kind in answering back that he was hoping to be released. After that as we all do-it- Life itself kept me busy. Filled with mainly work, family and friends- the wheel of life was carrying on. Once in awhile I was asking about his well being and heard that cancer was detected but that the treatment had started. Sometimes I was thinking “oh I should write him“. Also I heard although that he was in the hospital or at home that he answered the e-mails.

2017 was over and we all celebrated New Year Eve with new resolutions for 2018.

Some celebrated with their families and/or friends other planned perhaps something special. Others got proposed to and whilst looking at the fireworks with a glass of bubble in our hands we looked up to the sky with a smile on our lips.

Upon returning back to work a friend of this colleague announced that our beloved colleagues had passed by during New Year Eve.

Sometimes it can be too late to do certain actions. Sometimes cancelling a meet up with a friend, not visiting the family, not going to a wedding, not attending a baby shower or not writing back, not contacting someone who is on your mind could be the last time you will have a chance to do it and regret will be left behind.

Time is precious and we do not have as much left of it as what we think.

Do things rather than wait for the right timing.

This right timing is now!


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