The ride

They were riding on their bicycles side by side since quite awhile. She started to not recognize the streets anymore. Out of nowhere her fellow rider kicked into the bicycle so that she hit the wall hard and her bicycle fell with a loud sound on the floor. She immediately felt her back pain and by the time she had recovered to look she saw only the back wheels of the person, who had done this to her. They had known each other for awhile and it came unexpected to her. 

With some pain she got up and recognised that she was in an isolated place. There were no people on the road. At daylight, with no person to help, all by herself, she started to walk in a crunched way. Painfully slow she took a step after step. The road would have been short perhaps under different conditions. She might have enjoyed the warmth of the sun, the sound of the birds and the slight wind.

However, today she barely recognized her surrounding. Her sole aim was to find a phone and call some help. At that time, she cursed her habit to not take her phone with her whilst being on the ride. She cursed removing regularly her credit cards from her purse and leave them at home so that in case of rubbery it would not be a big loss. Finally, she saw an internet shop. Her heart was beating faster and she moved faster towards it but the sudden pain bought tears into her eyes. Determined not to give up she bit her teeth and continued whilst her face was covered with sweat. So was her body. She finally reached the door and she her lips were curving upwards to a grin and froze in the midst. The hanging sign in front of the door with bright dark blue colours read “CLOSED”…[to be continued] 


We want more and more and more and more….

We want to be prettier, thinner, more attractive, more successful,
richer, increase our circle of friends, travel the world, buy a car, buy after that the newer model of the car, buy a phone, buy after that the newer phone, buy an apartment, buy a bigger one.

We are ambitious and wanting more. Working towards more.

All this goals, all this ambition focused on achieving our longing for happiness.
Having reached this goal, we become happy.
Happy – such a simple word. Happy and satisfied with the world, with us, with our surroundings…
The lasting happiness.. The question about “How long happiness lasts?” is discussed within the below link basically stating that happiness is not a constant trait:

Once we reached our goal(s); the hard worked and awaited promotion, the amazing car, the house, the swimming pool, the person we have wanted to win over/ be together with for so long. Do we then achieve the long awaited happy feeling? The overall satisfaction, which will keep us on cloud nine forever. The feeling of forever happiness?
A couple of years ago, one of our top managers around 40ish joined a casual meeting. He was known for his ambition and for his dedication to work. Whilst speaking about families started he said: “My biggest regret in life is neglecting my family.” Soon after this impromptu personal talk, we found out that he was getting divorced and that he spoke rarely with his children. Two years down the line, I met the same promising manager and he had worked his way up and had become a well known and powerful manager within the company. However, his personal situation had not changedI congratulated him and asked about his family. His eyes saddened deeply for a moment but he recovered quickly as the true professional he is. I walked away thinking “I hope it was worth it”.

The scene of the lady looking out of the window is a touching one.
We look out of the window from our home, which we have created. Do you still remember the joy when you bought the apartment? The joy of decorating it, fixing the balcony, putting in new doors, buying the huge tv, which is in your living room, buying this very expensive carpet to get a sense of luxury? Do you still remember it or have you turned your back literally and physically already towards the things, which you have already achieved? Why don’t you get the same satisfaction out of it as you used to once upon a time?

Surely, you will reach the ultimate happiness once you get an even better promotion. Or towards the partner you have been hoping for a long time? Or the great apartment and the car? Perhaps when you finally have a child to take care? Or once you have on your list more than 5 countries you have visited? More than 300 friends on facebook? More than 50 messages for your birthday? Why not everything at the same time to ensure that your happiness will not be affected at the least when you do not achieve all these.

Surely, you will reach happiness once you have fulfilled all of these. Surely, this time the feeling will last a life time.

What would you do if you would win the lottery?

So everyone seems to be set on winning the lottery! Once the big prize is won, all the problems will magically disappear. No money problems equals to no need to work. Then all the energy can be put into things, which we like. If we like travelling, we can go travelling around the world, if we like motorcycling then we do that.

I like the question very much and mainly what it brings out of people. Leaving apart the obvious responses like buying an apartment and a car, it is really interesting to hear what comes after that. Ok, so we purchase materialistic things first, which symbolize stability but the words following these show our true colours; what we really want, what we desire!

One day a colleague of mine asked me that question and I took a moment and responded to her question. It was around that time that it became clear to me that I had suppressed for many years my desire to write. My wish to write had started as a kid while I was reading Karl May books regarding Native Indians (typical girl books as you can see). (Link for non-Germans, and I had heard that he had written these books and the very very very detailed (I can’t emphasize this point enough) descriptions of the surroundings, although he had never seen these places. Sometimes, the first 20 pages were just the description of the surroundings of the desert or wherever the story was taking place. Interestingly, he did not invest that much time into his person’s exterior description. So, following the questions response, here I am!

After that day, I started to ask the question to people, whom I knew but also to random people, whom I met by coincidence. You know the moment when you are waiting in line and start talking or being talked to. It seems to many people like a very harmless question almost something, which goes into the small talk category but it is not the case. The responses, which came back, were so interesting. It seemed that for a couple of minutes it was almost if the person, who is opposite of me was lowering her/his hand of cards, which were before firmly held in front of the person. Unintentionally there was a bare soul in front of me. It is the moment the person says what she/he wants from life.

I asked a friend, who has approx. 12 horses “What would you do if you would win the lottery?” It was mainly many equipments, which would benefit her horses. One of them was a Horse Jacuzzi. To this day I am still not sure if it was a joke or if it was the truth. Either way it shows what is close to someone’s heart.

A recent lotto winner was on a radio show and was asked, what he had done with the money. It was mainly quitting his job, travelling with friends and family AND seeing the World Cup in Brazil…Then he said the words “I know that many say that money cannot buy you happiness, but it provides you with the opportunity to gain experiences with other people and that is the most important thing”.

So my question to you is: What would you do if you would win today the lottery?