balanceWe are humans.

Everyone reading this is a human being despite their exterior, beliefs and characteristics.

We eventually end up in the same place disregarding of any favourable or unfavourable treatment we have received during our life.

The person to your left has a mother and father and the person to your right has a mother and a father. These persons have people who care for them with the same feelings as other people have towards you.

You are no different than the person next to you. The person next to you is no different than you.

Your life should be as much worth as the persons you are walking, commuting, working and living with on this earth.

If you start to follow the mass then you are a dead fish. Why? Because only dead fish swim with the mass.

Have we not learnt from our history what happens if we follow someone directly or indirectly influencing is/ telling us what we should do and we all do it without having any doubt about it?

How many times have you read in the history books and heard from your grandparents about the past? Ah it was the past; therefore it does not count anymore. It CAN’T happen nowadays.

God gave us a great gift-OUR BRAIN! Don’t ignore this gift – USE IT!

It is a muscle, which needs to be trained.

Without training it, you will be eaten like the rest of the dead fishes.


Selection criteria – Looks

Selection criteria – Looks

Too many times has the criteria for choosing a partner been discussed, written about, seen and heard of.

It varies from similar characteristics, or not, similar hobbies or not, to similar physical attributes or not and so forth. All these findings have usually Loyalty and Love as a common factor.

But we all know the truth: All these factors are overrated and the only criteria, which matter is: Looks! And by that I obviously mean Good Looks. Average beauty equals average happiness. The better looking the happier we are.

There are many advantages of having this profound selection criteria as described below:


First, if you choose the best looking one then you will need to keep yourself fit since you want to be as appealing to your partner as possible. Due to that, you will also start to eat healthier, do regular exercises and visit more often the beautician. At the end since better looks equal to more happiness all others will want to have a good looking partner. So, the competition is fierce. This brings us to our next point.

Competition Awareness

As said the competition is fierce, which means that the likelihood of you wearing prettier clothes and present yourself in the best way possible will be higher. Furthermore, since the demand is high and the supply is limited you will need to be ready for fighting for your partner. This will keep you in good shape and might even make you lose weight.

Increased Joy

Imagine having the best looking person as your partner. Waking up next to him will make you already happy. Like looking at a very nicely presented piece of cake or well prepared dinner plate. You enjoy these moments.

Less distraction

A good looking partner helps you to focus better. Whilst having dinners rather than rudely checking your phone every 5 minutes for notifications you will have to focus fully on the beauty next to you due to several reasons.

Increase of Productivity

When your partner is out especially at night or at the weekend you will be so worried that you won’t be able to sleep. You know how high the demand is and you have not chosen your partner due to his loyalty and faithfulness. This lack of sleep can be transformed into something useful; tidying up or sorting out the papers or being prepared for the next day. This will increase your productiveness.

Selective topics

Now the talking part will be reduced as well, which will make it for you as well possible to make more space for other activities. Your partner will not be bothered about listening to your day to day problems at the office. You can tell these tales to your less good looking friends. At the end, you choose this partner not for his caring characteristics and listening skills.

Improvement of body language

When you present your partner in public to your friends or walk around town and strangers see you with him you will feel the pride of the possession, which will make you walk straighter and therefore improve your stance. This might improve as well your work life. Imagine going into a meeting head high with the knowledge that this beautiful looking human being is waiting for you.

Sharpening the awareness of your surroundings

These experience will increase your awareness of your surrounding in an unbelievable way. You will more conscious about the females around you. You will be careful about the babysitters you hire or his possible secretaries and even your own female friends. Through that like a chess player you will start to make moves before the actual moves is being done.

Strategic thinking development

As mentioned before you will start to think ahead before events will happen. Tables in a restaurant will be chosen with great care. Better not to display too much of your “treasure” unless you want to increase your pride as mentioned below. The continues staring from the fellow competitors might annoy you and your partner might get distracted. Parties from too wild persons will be avoided or you will be able to come early and leave early before anything even remotely negative can happen. This continues throughout many examples e.g. plane seats, cinema, bus, car and etc. This effective thinking process might even increase your IQ.

Setting priorities

Your worry about other daily things like missing the train, someone stealing your parking space, self created sickenesses or being on time to a meetup with friends will become less since your mind will be fully occupied with your partner and his whereabout and do about.

As described at the above points, choosing your partner solely based on good lucks is the only valuable criteria and will have only good impacts on your life. It will increase your health life, make you aware of your surroundings and might in the best case scenario increase your IQ and EQ.

Because do not forget that the more handsome your partner is the more happiness he will bring to your life..

My passionate relationship with my beloved navigator

The other day we had a screaming contest (one sided!) regarding which way the correct one is. After many weeks of always advising on the right way, suddenly my better half in the car decided to change the course of our relationship (route). The usual way was not good enough for Madame. To spice things up and not end up the usual routine route it decided to take a different one. However, it had done it on a Monday morning and used my weakness (sleepiness) in order to get its way. Sneaky!

So, there I was in the middle of nowhere and caught myself asking my navigator in a strained but still gentle voice “Did I do something, which upset you? Are you all right?” Of course, no listening intention was displayed. Just the continued “Turn right after 200 meters” however there was no right. This time I definitely sensed that something was wrong. “We can talk about it, you know. I am sure there was a misunderstanding”. Then there was a cross way. To the left or right? Within seconds it changed its opinion from to the left to the right. Ok, it has its own mind but you can imagine how upset I was. So I dared to say some not nice words, which I regretted instantly. Although, she pretended not to listen, now it did! How I recognised it? It switched off and fell down in the middle of my drive. Me, with a slight panic, whilst driving, and nowhere to stop asked: “What is this all about? Always this diva behaviour. I know that you got a nice voice but this is too much”. Finally, I could stop and put it in its right place. Again, I had to do it from the start and go back to history. “Now you are pretending that you do not remember what happened?”

Next day, everything was all right for the first hour of the trip. 10 more minutes remaining and my beloved navigator decided not to be the dominant one in our relationship. I could almost hear her voice saying “I have brought you until here but I am not into mindless subordinates. Find your own way and do some decisions yourself.” So, it started with contradicting directions from there onwards, in order to motivate me to make my own decisions. Maybe it was trying to use reversed psychology with me. When it says right, it wants me to go left or re-reversed one, where actually the right way is the right one? Finally, I ended up saying “Really, after almost 90% of the way, you decide on being not the decision maker anymore in our relationship? Really? You do know that I have an important appointment”. Nope that day it was not a good day. I slept very uneasy at night and hoped that she would not rest easy as well.

For the next couple of weeks everything was great. I had forgotten about all our previous difficulties. We were one team, so strong like never before. We conquered the roads, which were new, old, dark, lovely, ugly…We went from landscape to landscape, city to city. What a joy it was! Even when I had hard times and did not listen to her, she always brought me back to the right road and we found back safely to our home.

Then I did a mistake..I took her for granted. No more appreciative words from my side. I put sometimes even the music louder than her since I knew the route. There were on some standard routes no more need for her. I just needed her for confirmation. She did not take it well, I can tell you that. She started misbehaving and switched off more frequently and brought me to different routes. I confessed “I thought only for a couple of seconds of buying a bigger and newer model, I swear.” She did not believe me. Well who would? That Tomtom I saw the other day…. So pretty with a clear nice voice and big letters…

One day, after resisting for quite a long while, I could not control anymore my temptation and bought it! It was a fresh start; everything was new and fresh. We made many new experiences together. I was so happy with her. It was so easy to see the maps and I had so much fun like I hadn’t had for a long time. I had thrown the old one on the floor of the car with its monitor looking downwards and did spare it even a second glance. However, after the honeymoon phase, my new navigation showed its real face! It was difficult to handle, didn’t take orders very well, and brought me to very difficult and dangerous ways. I think in our “hearts” we knew that we were not made for each other. Too modern for me perhaps and I just too used to my own ways and my “old” navigation.

We broke up quite quickly and I brought her back. Now, how should I face up to my beloved navigation? I had done a mistake and it lasted quite short with the other one. Almost did not count… I recognised immediately what I had done, or almost immediately.

I picked it up from the floor and attached it in front of me and looked deep into her monitor and said “Thanks God, that you are a heartless piece of machine. If you would have been a human being it would have been over between us. Trust is lost so easily and what I had done was not worth it. Hindsight we are always smarter but we do not have the luxury of losing our beloved once with this kind of stupidly made mistakes and taking each other granted. However, in this situation I will just erase your memory and we will start on a new page.”

And we continued our journey happily ever after.